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What should you do after receiving a new love doll?

For those who are considering buying sex dolls. A little education is a good thing. This particular problem comes from customers all over the world. “What do I need for my new doll? The answer is not. Technically, you only need to enjoy your new doll, it is complete and ready to fulfill your fantasies. However, for those new partners who want to pamper you People, we can make them happy through a small pile of things.

Your new doll will be packed in American box. When unpacking, be careful not to cut the contents of the package. After opening the box, make sure the eyes, wigs, inserts and random items are in the box.

Includes wigs, eyes and inserts. You will receive each one. You will also receive a bag with white gloves and glue, as this is the first thing many people want to buy a new doll.

Then you may want to wear one of your favorite clothes. All of our models have custom made clothing that professional photographers choose. It's fun to put sexy lingerie on your doll.

Many people buy new equipment for their dolls. The first thing we suggest you do is to clean it. We cannot advertise for this. Some deeper clothes can contaminate the skin of the new doll. It's not a doll, so don't panic. This is his equipment. So try to wash your clothes. For those who like to sleep with their dolls to get lighter leaves.

After having sex with his silicone dolls, he divorced his wife and gave birth to four children, claiming that she did not accept the doll in terms of sexual behavior. However, he promised to support his ex-wife and children, provided that she gave him time to enjoy "his new wife."

According to reports, a 39-year-old Botswana man divorced his wife after sleeping with a sex doll he had just bought in the United States.

According to Gistmania, paella Mohule, a car dealership in Gaborone, Botswana, value in the United States, the reason $2600 doll bought a woman can not meet in bed, he also claimed that these women just went out with him for his money, And often carry diseases.

Mohule is satisfied with his investment because the sex doll has no disease, mood or menstruation, nor does he reject his sexual requirements.

Modern dolls have advanced features because they are designed with intimate parts that look like real women and give pleasure in sex.

A man in the United States was involved in adultery by his girlfriend. In order to protect himself, he found the worst excuse in the world. In fact, he used his mistress as a love dolls.

The video quickly spread on social networks. It has been watched more than four million times on Facebook. The betrayed woman was seen peek at the door of her companion. Then, suddenly, she rushed into the living room. The teacher immediately freezes and takes the pose of the model.

a perfect comedy scene
Very angry, despised woman asked:

What happened here? Who is this?

Her husband replied:

How can you blame me for betraying you and doing this to you? Don't you think it is a sex doll?

However, the lady decided to test her theory and approach the fake model. She looked at her carefully and pushed her away, and her unfaith boyfriend continued to swear that she was a high tech tpe dolls.

The mistress tried to resist the collision. She even accepted the voice of the robot and asked him to stop pushing her. However, after being pushed a few times, she can no longer remain calm:

I don't have to put up with this. You are crazy, be careful, I am leaving!

She said, she smashed her scattered clothes onto the floor.


10115 bolin
Telefon: 075585297566
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